Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Blog Begins!

Today is the launch of my new blog where I'll write about issues related to my life and work. Primarily, though, I'll focus here on concerns and thoughts about teaching writing, my various research interests, and work in higher ed.

While I've generally been happy with Facebook for most of my short, public writings, the impulse to blog was stirred by several recent events. Most immediately, however, I'm looking for a potentially more public venue intended for slightly longer posts than Facebook was designed for.

A quick note on the blog title, I've recently started exercising again after a few weeks break. Feels good to be in motion again. Like bodies, rhetoric is always moving, circulating, changing. I'm thinking, too, of Eileen Schell and K. J. Rawson's edited collection Rhetorica in Motion. I'm struck by that title image and want to let the trope of rhetorical mobility play in my thinking. In homage to Queen Rhetorica, I hope to run alongside her in my posts here.

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